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Thomas Van Hare is a fencing instructor and is the founder at the Academie d'Avignon, located in Lillöhus, environs Kristianstad, Sweden. He has over 36 years of fencing experience across a number of disciplines, having started his studies in 1979 in 13th and 14th Century forms. His key weapons preferences include the long sword, above all, and work with a sword and shield -- his personal goal has always been to find a Medieval fencing manual that discusses techniques with shields.


Thomas Van Hare is presently studying the 18th Century fighting manual of the German fencing master Johann Andreas Schmidt and he authored the biographical page on this master here at Wiktenauer.


Thomas Van Hare is seeking others who would volunteer to assist in his ongoing work in publishing the manual, which includes 444 pages of material, covering fencing, exercise on the pommel horse and wrestling. If interested, please email me at: tvanhare@historicwings.com.