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I am a Computer Science student from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I've been training at Zwaard & Steen for about 2 years now, focusing mostly on German longsword, dagger and wrestling material.

I have combined my expertise in programming and my love for the knightly arts in a few pro-bono IT projects for Zwaard & Steen, including both websites for our annual Open tournament, 'The Dutch Lions Cup'; as well as some smaller internal projects. We are currently in the process of developing a large tournament-related application, which will be going into a beta-phase this August.

Even though I lack a professional background in History or German Language and Culture, I am quite willing and able to fairly accurately translate medieval (and upwards) German into modern German, English or Dutch.I have been exposed to a lot of German because of my fathers work in German Language and Culture studies, and

I am also able to translate 17th century (and upwards) Dutch texts. I have experience in reading and interpreting 17th century Dutch because of my orthodox protestant upbringing (which involves reading the Bible and reformist writing in the original Dutch).