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I am an undergraduate history student at Miami University, Ohio. I have trained HEMA primarily at Boston Armizare. My linguistic background is in Romance languages, and I have translated multiple texts or excerpts for personal use, although I am now working on a translation of Francesco di Sandro Altoni's Monomachia (~1550) from Italian to English, I intend to complete and publish this translation, which I am working on as an independent study through my University. My HEMA background is primarily in Fiore, Marozzo, Godinho, and Sainct-Didier, although I also have an interest in the martial arts of Eastern Europe, especially those practiced on the territory of Ukraine. My historical background is in European history, Renaissance studies, military history, and Ukrainian studies.

My personal email is matthew.huller@gmail.com and my university email is hullermj@miamioh.edu. I prefer my personal address.