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Jan Gosewinkel is trainer for Montante, Mangual and the fight with two swords at the “Bonner Schule” martial arts school. Jan started training in martial arts 27 years ago when he joined the local Jiu Jitsu club. He practiced it for more than 20 years earning the second Dan. After some shorter excursions into Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu, he took his first steps in HEMA during 2006/2007. During the following years he practiced in several HEMA clubs like “Ars Gladii” in Dornbirn, “Schwertkampf Osnabrück”, “Krîfon” in Edingen, “Schwertfechten Nordhessen” in Kassel and “Frequens Motus” in Bad Godesberg. He visited HEMA clubs in Sweden, Luxemburg, Spain, Austria and all over Germany. Jan founded the HEMA scetion of the police sports club in Unna in 2009 with his focus on the Liechtenauer longsword and the “Short Sword for Combat” (Sword in Harness), but in addition he already started research and practice for the Iberian Montante. Since 2011 his focus here has been on the teachings of Luis Godinho. From 2014 to 2017 he worked as an instructor for longsword and Montante in Kassel, founding the first regular Montante training group in the German-speaking countries at “Schwertfechten Nordhessen”. Meanwhile, he also translated all Spanish sources on the Montante known to date into German. Since the middle of 2017 he is head instructor for Montante and also responsible for the related topics of Mangual and fighting with two swords at the “Bonner Schule für Kampfkunst”. Jan has been giving workshops on the Montante and other topics at HEMA and martial arts events in Germany and abroad since 2012.