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Jörg Breu the Younger

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Jörg Breu the Younger
Jörg Breu.jpg
Portrait by Jörg Breu the Elder
Born ca. 1510
Died 1547
Nationality German
Field painter

Jörg Breu the Younger (Jörg Breu der Junger, ca. 1510–1547) was a German painter, miniaturist, and draftsman. He was born in Augsburg, Germany, some time in or after 1510 to the noted artist Jörg Breu the Elder. He is assumed to have trained under his father, and in 1534 he took over the family workshop. Among his important clients was Count Otto Henry, Elector Palatine, for whome he painted several rooms in the Grünau hunting lodge at Neuburg an der Donau in 1536-37.

HEMA Contributions

Breu was commissioned by Paulus Hector Mair to illustrate his massive fencing anthologies, the MSS Dresden C93 and C94, the Codices 10825 and 10826, and the Codex Icon 393. He also seems to have been responsible for the Codex I.6.2º.4, which is assumed to consist of preliminary sketches for this project.

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