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Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet (MS 01020)

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Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet
MS 01020, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
MS 1020 105r.jpg
Type Fencing manual
Date ca. 1424
Place of origin Italy
Language(s) Renaissance Latin
Author(s) Unknown
Material Parchment, in a modern leather binding
Size 187 folia (80 mm × 110 mm)
Format Double-sided
Identified Brian F. Stokes, 2012
External data
Treatise scans Digital scans

The MS 01020 is an Italian miscellaneous manuscript probably created in 1424. It currently rests in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library of the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. The size and contents suggest that it was a personal reference book for a scribe or other writer, and folio 105r outlines a system of counter-ward pairs similar to that of the MS I.33.



1r - 5v Table of Contents
6r T-O mappa mundi and calendar of 1424-1444
6v - 8r [blank]
8v “Ede cibo venereque certant animalia queque / Propter aidum escam et cortum omnia animalia certant” [15th century inscription]
9r - 103r,
111v - 115v,
117r - 157r
Notabilia biblie et aliorum sapientum ("Notable quotes from the Bible and other wise words")
103v - 104r Index of the books of the Bible
105v - 108r Selection of psalms by Saint Hilarius
108v Dictis de iustitia et iure ("Statements of Justice and Law")
109r [blank]
109v - 111r Dies Aegyptiaci ("Egyptian Days"), a list of unlucky days of the year
116r - 116v [blank]
157rv Protocols for addressing nobility


Folio 105r
MS 1020 105r.jpg

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Work Author(s) Source License
Images University of Toronto
Translation Brian F. Stokes and Matt Galas The Schola San Marco
Transcription Brian F. Stokes Index:Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet (MS 01020)