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Simple Rule I

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Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo

This first rule is the one which most reveals the elegance of the montante, and whoever performs it well will be able to perform them all. You will place your body straight with the left foot in front, the montante with the point on the ground, taken by the cross in the right hand with the thumb down, and you will tap it forward with the right foot, turning the montante to set it in place. Then you will give a talho from behind, from low to high, moving the right foot forward at the same time, and stopping with the montante in right angle in front of the face. From there you will remove the montante to give a revez cutting from behind with the other edge of the montante, also from low to high, and at the same time moving the left foot forward, and stopping also with the montante in front of the face. You will undo the rule removing backward the left foot with a talho equal to the first, and the right foot with a revez, and take heed that the body must always turn toward where the montante cuts. At the end of the rule, while standing still, you will give a talho to the left shoulder and return the montante to again place the point on the ground as at the beginning, and all the rules having to do with the montante negro will have this ending.

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