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Talhoffer Fechtbuch (2º Col.MS.Philos.61)

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Talhoffer Fechtbuch
2º Col. MS. philos. 61, Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
Göttingen, Germany
2º Col.MS.Philos.61.jpg
Date late 1600s
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Hans Talhoffer
Scribe(s) Unknown
Patron Joachim Hinrich von Bülow (?)
Material Paper
Size 98 folia
Format Double-sided; one illustration per side,
with text above
Script Clerical

The 2º Col. MS philos. 61 is a 17th century[citation needed] German manuscript apparently copied from the MS Chart. A.558 and Cod. icon. 394a, two fencing manuals written by Hans Talhoffer. The original currently rests in the holdings of Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen in Göttingen, Germany.



3r Swordsman kneeling under crucifix
4r - 15r Ueber die Erhaltung des Sieges by Johannes Hartlieb
16r - 18v Recital on the long sword by Johannes Liechtenauer
20r - 23r Recital on mounted fencing by Johannes Liechtenauer
24r - 49r Longshield by Hans Talhoffer
50r Recital on short sword fencing by Johannes Liechtenauer
52r - 75r Short sword by Hans Talhoffer
76r - 83r Poleaxe by Hans Talhoffer
84r - 105v Dagger by Hans Talhoffer
106r - 112r Wrestling by Ott Jud
114r - 129v Grappling by Hans Talhoffer
130r - 189v [Unidentified prose, non-fencing material]
190r - 195r Duel Between a Man and a Woman by Hans Talhoffer


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