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14. And joyne it againe betwixt your fingers.

15. Blow out your pan.

16. Proyme your pan.

17. Shut your pan.

18. Shake of your pan.

19. Blow of your pan.

20. Turne about your peece.

21. And to your left side let it sinke.

22. Open your charges.

23. Charge your peece.

24. Your skowring-stick draw out.

25. Your skowring-stick take shorter.

26. Ramme your pouder.

27. Your skowring-stick draw out your peece.

28. And take it shorter.

29. Put up your skowring-sticke.

30. With the left hand bring forward your Peece.

31. And with the right hand hold it up.

32. Shoulder your Peece.

33. Hold your Peece well upon your shoulder, and marche to the place of garde.

34. Unshoulder your peece.

35. And in the left hand let it sinke.

36. Hold your Peece well.

37. With the left hand alone hold your Peece.

38. In the right hand take your match.

39. Blow of your match.

40. Cock your match.

41. Try your match.

42. Garde your pan and stand readie.

Generall Command.

Hold up the mouth of the Peece.

Here to must a Comandour looke, and alwayes have his eyes upon his Souldiers, and use them to hold the Peece alwayes upwards, for to prevent all mischief.