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In the 28. how he shall (to take shorter the skowring-stick) thrust the same againe to the bodye, as is taught before.

In the 29. how he shall (having the skowring-stick under and the end) surely and with speede put the same in the stock againe.

In the 30. how he (desirous to take the peece againe in the right hand) shall bring the same first with the left hand before him, like as this figure sheweth.

In the 31. how he shall with the right hand take the peece belowe under at the great skrue, and hold it upwards, being readye to laye it againe upon his shoulder.

In the 32. how he shall with one hand lay the peece againe upon the shoulder, being very readie with the other hand,to hold it fast there upon.

In the 33. how he having the peece upon his shoulder, going to be sentinel shall hold and carye it againe, like as is sayd at the first figure.

In the 34. how he standing sentenell and will make him readie, shall with one hand take the peece from the shoulder, as is taught before.

In the 35. how he standing sentenell, and having taken the peece from the shoulder, shall receive it in the left hand.

In the 36. how he (standing sentenell having the peece in the left hand) shall hold the right arme or elbow som what from hym with his hand at the Seer, and the stock against the right hippe, like as this figure teatcheth.

In the 37. how he (standing sentenell) shall hold and governe the peece in ballance in the left hand, for to have the right hand at libertye.

In the 38. how he (standing sentenell) shall well and orderly take the match out of the left hand with the thumb and second finger.

In the 36. how he (standing sentenell) shall bring the match with the thumbe and second finger towards the mouth, and blow it of, holding in the meane time the peece in ballance in the left hand.

In the 40. how he (standing sentenell) shall with the thumbe and second finger Cock the match, without skruing the same in, as is taught before.

In the 41. how he (standing sentenell) shall with the thumb and second finger guide and conveniently trye the match.

In the 42. how that he (standing sentenell that vpon any sodeine occasion he maye be readye) shall with the two foremost fingers cover the panne, to prevent the falling of any sparkes, provided alwayes that his match be light and Cockt, ready to discharge.

The words of Command.

By which the Captaynes shall command theyr Souldiers orderly, all what they have to doe with the peece. Which words also agree by order upon every figure.

1. Shoulder your Peece and marche.

2. Unshoulder your Peece.

3. And with the right handhold it up.

4. In the left hand take your Peece.

5. In the right hand take your matche.

6. Hold wel your match and blow it of.

7. Cock your match.

8. Try your match.

9. Blow your match, and open your pann.

10. Present your Peece.

11. Give fire.

12. Take downe your Peece, and in the left hand hold it well.

13. Uncock your matche.