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<noinclude>{{hi-res link|http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b8514426f/f22.item}}</noinclude>
<section begin="9v-a"/>{{par|r}} Dente ab aprino nu{{dec|u|n}}c {{dec|u|pro}}pria{{dec|u|que}} t{{dec|u|ri}}cuspide p{{dec|u|ro}}sito(?)<ref>Added later: "scilicet subito".</ref><br/>Erupi. at{{dec|u|que}} illa p{{dec|u|er}}cussi robora vultus.<section end="9v-a"/>
<section begin="9v-a"/>{{par|r}} Dente ab aprino nu[n]c [pro]pria[que] t[ri]cuspide p[ro?]sito <ref>Added later: "scilicet subito".</ref><br/>Erupi. at[que] illa p[er]cussi robora vultus.<section end="9v-a"/>
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:<section begin="9v-d"/>{{par|b}} En premo forte manu t[ibi] vultu[m]. sentis et istud<br/>Extrahet ac dentes h[a]ec nu[n]c mea <ref>Added later: "+ tibi".</ref> sacra t[ri]cuspis.<section end="9v-d"/>
:<section begin="9v-d"/>{{par|b}} En premo forte manu t{{dec|u|ibi}} vultu{{dec|u|m}}. sentis et istud<br/>Extrahet ac dentes h{{dec|u|a}}ec nu{{dec|u|n}}c mea<ref>Added later: "+ tibi".</ref> sacra t{{dec|u|ri}}cuspis.<section end="9v-d"/>

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Dente ab aprino nunc propriaque tricuspide prosito(?)[1]
Erupi. atque illa percussi robora vultus.

En premo forte manu tibi vultum. sentis et istud
Extrahet ac dentes haec nunc mea[2] sacra tricuspis.
  1. Added later: "scilicet subito".
  2. Added later: "+ tibi".