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La Scherma (Francesco Fernando Alfieri)

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La Scherma di Francesco Ferº. Alfieri
The Fencing of Francesco Fernando Alfieri
La Scherma (Alfieri) 02.png
Title page of the first edition
Author(s) Francesco Fernando Alfieri
Illustrated by Unknown
Place of origin Padua
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Sebastiano Sardi
Publication date 1640, 1646
Pages 168 pages
Treatise scans

La Scherma di Francesco Fernando Alfieri ("The Fencing of Francesco Fernando Alfieri") is an Italian fencing manual written by Francesco Fernando Alfieri and printed in 1640. It treats the use of the rapier, alone as well as in conjunction with the dagger and cape.

Publication History

La Scherma di Francesco Fernando Alfieri was first printed in Padua in 1640 by Sebastiano Sardi. It was reprinted in 1646, and a new edition was released in 1653 under the title L’arte di ben maneggiare la spada.

It was translated to English by Caroline Stewart, Phil Marshall, and Piermarco Terminiello, and published in 2012 by Pike & Shot Society.


Ir - IVv Preface and introduction by Francesco Fernando Alfieri
1 - 78 First Part by Francesco Fernando Alfieri
79 - 168 Second part by Francesco Fernando Alfieri


La Scherma (Alfieri) 01.png
La Scherma (Alfieri) 02.png
L'arte di ben maneggiare la spada (Alfieri) 05.png
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