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| Previously kept =  
| Previously kept =  
| Discovered      =  
| Discovered      =  
| Website        = [http://manus.iccu.sbn.it//opac_SchedaScheda.php?ID=216788 Museum catalog listing]
| Website        = [http://manus.iccu.sbn.it//opac_SchedaScheda.php?ID=216788 Library catalog entry]
| Images          = [http://bibliotecaestense.beniculturali.it/info/img/mss/i-mo-beu-alfa.t.7.25.pdf Digital scans] ()
| below          =  
| below          =  

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De la Palestra
Cod.Estense.T.VII.25, Biblioteca Estense
Modena, Italy
(No scans available)
Type Wrestling manual
Date after 1492
Language(s) Italian
Author(s) Pedro Monte
Scribe(s) Unknown
Material Paper, in a red leather cover
Size 37 folia
Script Humanist
Exemplar(s) De Dignoscendis Hominibus (1492)
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans Digital scans ()

De la Palestra ("On Wrestling", Codex Estense T.VII.25) is an Italian translation of De Dignoscendis Hominibus, a wrestling manual written by Pedro Monte in 1492. It currently rests in the holdings of the Biblioteca Estense in Modena, Italy. The translator of this text is anonymous, but neither did he credit the work to Monte.




Additional Resources

  • Carlo Bascetta. Sport E Giuochi: Trattati E Scritti Dal XV Al XVIII Secolo. Milan: Il Polifilo, 1978. ISBN 978-8870501223