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Resident in Galiza, born in 1982. A Physics and Computer Science student, I eventually became a full-time professional graphic designer. Fluent in portuguese (galician), english and spanish, with a rudimentary knowledge of german.

I used to train Judo and Aikido before discovering HEMA. Co-founded Gallaecia in Armis in 2008, teaching Kunst des Fechtens with an emphasis on the earlier sources.

I have taught workshops for the Galician national HEMA federation AGEA and for the Portuguese Federação Portuguesa de Esgrima Antiga and Academia de Esgrima Histórica. I am frequent correspondent with the HEMA-Brasil federation as well.

I am part of the AGEA Editora board, where we publish treatises on Iberian Verdadeira Destreza and Destreza Comum. They are mostly critical editions in portuguese and spanish, althoug together with Juan Diego Conde Eguileta I have translated Manuscrito da Espada into English.