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As the manuscript is currently lost, all we have are scans of Wassmannsdorff's transcription as placeholders.
As the manuscript is currently lost, all we have are scans of Wassmannsdorff's transcription as placeholders.
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93a.png|Folio 93a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93a.png|Folio 93a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93b.png|Folio 93b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93b.png|Folio 93b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94a.png|Folio 94a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94a.png|Folio 94a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94b.png|Folio 94b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94b.png|Folio 94b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95a.png|Folio 95a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95a.png|Folio 95a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95b.png|Folio 95b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95b.png|Folio 95b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96a.png|Folio 96a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96a.png|Folio 96a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96b.png|Folio 96b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96b.png|Folio 96b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97a.png|Folio 97a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97a.png|Folio 97a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97b.png|Folio 97b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97b.png|Folio 97b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98a.png|Folio 98a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98a.png|Folio 98a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98b.png|Folio 98b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98b.png|Folio 98b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99a.png|Folio 99a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99a.png|Folio 99a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99b.png|Folio 99b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99b.png|Folio 99b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100a.png|Folio 100a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100a.png|Folio 100a}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100b.png|Folio 100b}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100b.png|Folio 100b}}
{{image|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 101a.png|Folio 101a}}
{{image|b=1|Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 101a.png|Folio 101a}}
== Additional Resources ==
== Additional Resources ==

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Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch
Location unknown
(No scans available)
Type Fencing manual
Date 16th century
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Unknown
Size at least 102 folia

Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch is a German fencing manual written in the 16th century. Its location is currently unknown, and all available information comes from Wassmannsdorff's own description of it.

Ringen aus einer in meinem Besike befindlichen handschrift des 16. Jahrhunderts.

Wrestling from a sixteenth-century manuscript in my possession.



93a - 101a


As the manuscript is currently lost, all we have are scans of Wassmannsdorff's transcription as placeholders.

Folio 93a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93a.png
Folio 93b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 93b.png
Folio 94a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94a.png
Folio 94b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 94b.png
Folio 95a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95a.png
Folio 95b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 95b.png
Folio 96a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96a.png
Folio 96b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 96b.png
Folio 97a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97a.png
Folio 97b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 97b.png
Folio 98a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98a.png
Folio 98b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 98b.png
Folio 99a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99a.png
Folio 99b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 99b.png
Folio 100a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100a.png
Folio 100b
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 100b.png
Folio 101a
Wassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch 101a.png

Additional Resources


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For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

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