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| Previously kept  =  
| Previously kept  =  
| Discovered      =  
| Discovered      =  
| Website          = [http://opal-niedersachsen.de/resolve/niedstuu_goetko_4 Museum catalog listing]
| Website          = [http://opal-niedersachsen.de/resolve/niedstuu_goetko_4 Library catalog entry]
| below            =  
| below            =  

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Talhoffer Fechtbuch
2º Cod.MS.Philos.61, Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
Göttingen, Germany
2º Col.MS.Philos.61.jpg
Date late 1600s
Language(s) Early New High German
Scribe(s) Unknown
Author(s) Hans Talhoffer
Patron Joachim Hinrich von Bülow (?)
Material Paper
Size 98 folia
Format Double-sided; one illustration per
side with text above
Script Clerical
External data Library catalog entry

The 2º Codex MS Philos. 61 was is a 17th century[citation needed] German manuscript apparently copied from the MS Chart.A.558 and Codex Icon 394a, two fencing manuals written by Hans Talhoffer. The original currently rests in the holdings of Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen in Göttingen, Germany.



This table of contents is extrapolated from the museum's notes. Its accuracy cannot be verified at this time.

Folio Section
2r - 8r Onomatomantia by Johannes Hartlieb
8v - 12r Epitome by Johannes Liechtenauer
16r - 37r Longshield by Hans Talhoffer
38r - 49v Mounted fencing by Hans Talhoffer
50r - 53v Poleaxe by Hans Talhoffer
54r - 64v Dagger by Hans Talhoffer
65r - 76v Wrestling by Ott Jud
107r - 109v Duel Between a Man and a Woman by Hans Talhoffer


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