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What follows is the Rules of the Wiki. This page contains both advice for posting and hardline rules to follow to ensure the continued civility of this resource.

Adding Content

Please follow established formatting standards for pages when adding content to the wiki. You can view the formatting standard for a technique page on the Zornhau page, the manual page standard on 1500s - Codex Ringeck (MS Dresd.C.487) page and the master page standard on the Andres_Lignitzer page. It is perfectly understandable to leave a page incorrectly formatted if it is a piece that you are still working on, but consistently adding finished content with improper formatting just creates more work for other users that have to fix it.

Please feel free to add your name under the 'Major Contributors' section at the bottom of a transcription or translation page. However, only do this if you've added to or changed a significant part of the entry. Do not add yourself to the credits if you just change a couple mis-translated words. The change log for each page keeps track of who works on what well enough; the transcription / translation credit is simply for someone with questions to easily see who did large portions of the work on an article.

Facsimile Manuals

The wiki should be populated with all relevant facsimiles of manuals. If you have one that the wiki does not or is not linking to and are willing to share it, either upload it and add a link or email it to marylandkdf@gmail.com. Manual file names will follow the same standard as manual page titles: Date - Manual Name.pdf.


Technique interpretational videos will be included at the bottom of every technique page. Only post one video per group. Also note that videos are expected to be of reasonable quality. Be sure that you can be clearly heard while speaking (or include subtitles), that you are actually demonstrating the technique and not just atlking about, and that users can easily see what you are demonstrating.

Editing Content

Whenever you edit content that you did not add to the wiki, please also type a summary of why you changed something below the Edit box, right above 'Save page'. This allows people to understand any mistakes they made. Before changing something controversial, please discuss it on the Discussion/Talk page.

Please also note that if you edit a transcription or translation on either a Manual or Technique page, you have to also change it on the Manual or Technique (whichever you didn't edit first) page so that they are consistent.

Source Material

Do not place legitimately copyrighted material on the site without permission. This covers transcription and translation work, and may cover scans of historical manuals. Any content on other sites that specifically states that it is for public use and may be referenced, quoted or copied is good. Any scans of manuals that are posted on the wiki are posted under Fair Use doctrine.

Please cite where you find scans or permissable transcriptions / translations when adding content. For instance, if you transcribe something from scans you're viewing on AEMMA's library, cite AEMMA's library.

Currently, the Wiktenauer has permission to copy any content transcriptions and/or translations from the following sites:


There are many other sites that are allowing the Wiktenauer to copy content, but I've been asking for specific works rather than full access to their material. A note will be included under 'Page Notes' on manual pages if a specific transcription or translation that is linked is permissable to be copied.

Account Creation

If you want to contribute to this wiki, you must create an account. Anonymous editing has been disabled. When creating an account, use your real name. Although it is not a requirement yet, if we start to receive creation requests from people masquerading as others, verification of identity through established forum accounts on major HEMA forums or referals from those already editing the wiki may be required.


Vandalism will not be tolerated. Vandalism includes:

  1. Editing someone's work without providing a proper reason
  2. Deleting someone's link to a valid video
  3. Posting clearly copyrighted work without permission, such as from a published book
  4. Creating a falsified account
  5. Anything that inhibits the administration and usage of the wiki

Clear cases of vandalism will result in immediete IP bans from the wiki and disabling of any accounts you use to edit the wiki.