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Iu the 28. how (havinge the Pike over the head in the left hand and already turned hym selfe to the left side) he shall (for the second remooving of hold) take the same with the right hand under at the end.

In the 29. how (as is sayd before) he shall the thirde tyme charge the Pike backward and stand turned about. The three followinge figures shall shewe how he shall turne him selfe in three motions, and also how he shall stand or marche, like as is seene in the 26. figure.

In the 30. how he (before the first remoovinge of the hand) shall reach and take the Pike farther with the left hand and prepare him selfe to turne.

In the 31. how (having already turned hym selfe to the right side) he shall lift the Pike over his head with the left hand and receave or take the same somewhat more backward with the right hand.

In the 32. how he (for the thirde tyme) shall carry the Pike againe in the right hand upon the shoulder sloped, levell or advanced, if need be.

And seeing experience teatcheth, that the souldier can not speedely nor hansomely change the ordre of his Pike, but through knowledge how to handle and hold the same well, therefore are there, for his better instruction, certayne words of command hereby annexed together with the tymes of changeinge or remoovinge of the hands, which doe altogether agree both with the rules of instruction, as also with the Cypher numbers alloted to ech severall picture, to the ende that the Captaynes may shew or theatch theyr neew untrayned Souldiers the handlinge of the Pike after this manner, I meane so much as is necessary for theyr use, but havinge once obtayned the handling, the Souldier shall be then exercised with the words of command onely, wich words are set here after apart and without the distinctions of tymes, such as here immediatly follow.

The words of Command. With the tyme of changeing of holde.

1. Your Pike standing downe advaunce in three tymes or motions.

2. the first [Tyme or Motion.]

3. the second Tyme or Motion.

4. the thirde [Tyme or Motion.]

Order your Pike.

5. Order your Pike. the first [Motion.]

6. second Motion.

7. thirde [Motion.]

Shoulder your Pike and carrye it levell.

8. Shoulder your Pike and carrye it levell. the first [Tyme.]

9. second Tyme.

10. thirde [Tyme.]

11. Slope your Pike.

Porte your Pike.

12. Porte your Pike. the first [Tyme.]

13. second Tyme.

14. thirde [Tyme.]

Order your Pike.

15. Order your Pike. the first [Motion.]

16. second Motion.

17. thirde [Motion.]

Advance your Pike in three Tymes or Motions.