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T O   T H E   R I G H T
H O N O R A B L E , M Y  S I N G V L A R
Eſſex and Ewe, Earle Marſhall of England, Viſ-
count Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourchier
and Louaine, Maiſter of the Queenes Maieſties horſe , &
of the Ordenance , Chancellor of the Vniuerſitie of Camb-
ridge, Knight of the moſt noble order of the Gar-
ter , and one of her Highneſſe moſt ho-
norable Priuy Counſell.

FEncing (Right honorable) in this new fangled age, is like our faſhions , euerie daye a change , reſembling the Camelion, who altereth himſelfe into all colours ſaue white : ſo Fencing changeth into all wards ſaue the right. That it is ſo , experience teacheth vs : why it is ſo , I doubt not but your wiſedome doth concerne. There is nothing permanent that is not true, what can be true that is vncertaine ? how can that be certaine, that ſtands vpon vncertain