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| caption          = folio 2r
| caption          = folio 2r
| Index number    =  
| Index number    = [[WI::—]]
| Wierschin's catalog=[[WC::—]]
| Hils' catalog    = [[HK::—]]
| Hils' catalog    = [[HK::—]]
| Beck catalog    = [[BC::—]]
| Beck catalog    = [[BC::—]]

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Modo di cacciare mano all spada
MS Italien 959, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Paris, France
MS Italien 959 I.png
folio 2r
Type Fencing manual
Date ca. 1580
Place of origin Milan, Italy
Language(s) Italian
Author(s) Giovanni Antonio Lovino
Dedicated to Henry III of France
Material ??
Size ??
Format ??
Script ??
Treatise scans Microfilm scans

Modo di cacciare mano all spada ("Method of Putting Hand to the Sword", MS Italien 959), is an Italian fencing manual written in ca. 1580 by Giovanni Antonio Lovino. It currently rests in the holdings of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, France.



[Manuscript not available for study]


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