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| extant copies            =  
| extant copies            =  
| wiktenauer compilation by =  
| wiktenauer compilation by =  
| images                    = {{plainlist | [http://www.bvh.univ-tours.fr/Consult/consult.asp?numtable{{=}}B410186201_I410&numfiche{{=}}259 Digital scans] (1573) | [http://www.umass.edu/renaissance/lord/pdfs/StDidier_1573.pdf B&W scans] (1573) | [https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id{{=}}mh0WAAAAYAAJ B&W scans] (1573) }}
| images                    = {{plainlist | [http://www.bvh.univ-tours.fr/Consult/consult.asp?numtable{{=}}B410186201_I410&numfiche{{=}}259 Digital scans] (1573) | [http://www.umass.edu/renaissance/lord/pdfs/StDidier_1573.pdf B&W scans] (1573) | [http://books.google.com/books?id{{=}}miBaAAAAcAAJ B&W scans] (1573) | [http://books.google.com/books?id{{=}}mh0WAAAAYAAJ B&W scans] (1573) }}
| below                    =  
| below                    =  
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{{image|Sainct Didier Roy.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier Roy.png}}
{{image|Henry de Sainct Didier.png}}
{{image|Henry de Sainct Didier.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 1-2.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 3-4.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 1-2.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 5-6.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 3-4.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 7-8.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 5-6.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 9-10.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 7-8.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 11-12.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 9-10.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 13-14.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 11-12.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 15-16.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 13-14.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 17-18.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 15-16.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 19-20.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 17-18.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 21-22.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 19-20.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 23-24.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 21-22.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 25-26.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 23-24.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 27-28.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 25-26.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 29-30.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 27-28.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 31-32.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 29-30.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 33-34.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 31-32.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 35-36.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 33-34.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 37-38.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 35-36.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 39-40.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 37-38.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 41-42.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 39-40.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 43-44.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 41-42.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 45-46.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 43-44.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 47-48.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 45-46.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 49-50.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 47-48.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 51-52.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 49-50.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 53-54.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 51-52.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 55-56.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 53-54.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 57-58.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 55-56.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 59-60.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 57-58.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 61-62.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 59-60.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 63-64.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 61-62.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 65-66.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 63-64.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 67-68.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 65-66.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 69-70.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 67-68.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 71-72.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 69-70.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 73-74.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 71-72.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 75-76.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 73-74.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 77-78.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 75-76.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 79-80.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 77-78.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 81-82.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 79-80.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 83-84.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 81-82.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 85-86.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 83-84.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 87-88.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 85-86.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 89-90.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 87-88.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 91-92.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 89-90.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 93-94.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 91-92.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 95-96.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 93-94.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 97-98.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 95-96.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 99-100.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 97-98.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 101-102.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 99-100.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 103-104.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 101-102.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 105-106.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 103-104.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 107-108.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 105-106.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 109-110.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 107-108.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 111-112.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 109-110.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 113-114.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 111-112.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 115-116.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 113-114.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 117-118.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 115-116.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 119-120.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 117-118.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 121-122.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 119-120.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 123-124.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 121-122.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 125-126.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 123-124.png}}
{{image|Sainct Didier 127-128.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 125-126.png}}
{{image|h=1|Sainct Didier 127-128.png}}
== Additional Resources ==
== Additional Resources ==
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  | work        = Transcription
  | work        = Transcription
  | authors    = [[Olivier Dupuis]]
  | authors    = [[Olivier Dupuis]]
  | source link = http://ardamhe.free.fr/biblio/Sainct_Didier_Transcription_1.1.pdf
  | source link = http://ffamhe.fr/sources/Sainct_Didier_Transcription_1.1.pdf
  | source title= ARDAMHE
  | source title= FFAMHE
  | license    = copyrighted
  | license    = copyrighted

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Les secrets du premier livre sur l'espée seule
Secrets of the Premier Book on the Single Sword
Les secrets du premier livre sur l'espée seule.png
Author(s) Henry de Sainct Didier
Illustrated by Unknown
Dedicated to Charles IX of France
Place of origin Paris, France
Language Middle French
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publication date 1573
Pages 180 pages
Treatise scans

Les secrets du premier livre sur l'espée seule ("Secrets of the Premier Book on the Single Sword") is a French fencing manual written by Henry de Sainct Didier and printed in 1573.[1] The treatise is lavishly illustrated and stands out as the oldest surviving French treatise on swordsmanship. It is also quite innovative, including the first use of footwork diagrams in a fencing manual.

Publication History

The first edition of Les secrets du premier livre sur l'espée seule was printed in Paris, France on 4 June 1573 by Jean Mettayer and Matthurin Challenge. Sainct Didier secured a royal privilege to prevent unauthorized reproduction for a period of ten years, but no additional printings are known to exist before a facsimile was produced in 1907 by the Société du Livre d'Art Ancien et Moderne.


1r - 20v Preface by Henry de Sainct Didier
21r - 86v Side sword by Henry de Sainct Didier
87r - 90v Conclusion by Henry de Sainct Didier


Sainct Didier Title.png
Sainct Didier Roy.png
Henry de Sainct Didier.png
Sainct Didier 1-2.png
Sainct Didier 3-4.png
Sainct Didier 5-6.png
Sainct Didier 7-8.png
Sainct Didier 9-10.png
Sainct Didier 11-12.png
Sainct Didier 13-14.png
Sainct Didier 15-16.png
Sainct Didier 17-18.png
Sainct Didier 19-20.png
Sainct Didier 21-22.png
Sainct Didier 23-24.png
Sainct Didier 25-26.png
Sainct Didier 27-28.png
Sainct Didier 29-30.png
Sainct Didier 31-32.png
Sainct Didier 33-34.png
Sainct Didier 35-36.png
Sainct Didier 37-38.png
Sainct Didier 39-40.png
Sainct Didier 41-42.png
Sainct Didier 43-44.png
Sainct Didier 45-46.png
Sainct Didier 47-48.png
Sainct Didier 49-50.png
Sainct Didier 51-52.png
Sainct Didier 53-54.png
Sainct Didier 55-56.png
Sainct Didier 57-58.png
Sainct Didier 59-60.png
Sainct Didier 61-62.png
Sainct Didier 63-64.png
Sainct Didier 65-66.png
Sainct Didier 67-68.png
Sainct Didier 69-70.png
Sainct Didier 71-72.png
Sainct Didier 73-74.png
Sainct Didier 75-76.png
Sainct Didier 77-78.png
Sainct Didier 79-80.png
Sainct Didier 81-82.png
Sainct Didier 83-84.png
Sainct Didier 85-86.png
Sainct Didier 87-88.png
Sainct Didier 89-90.png
Sainct Didier 91-92.png
Sainct Didier 93-94.png
Sainct Didier 95-96.png
Sainct Didier 97-98.png
Sainct Didier 99-100.png
Sainct Didier 101-102.png
Sainct Didier 103-104.png
Sainct Didier 105-106.png
Sainct Didier 107-108.png
Sainct Didier 109-110.png
Sainct Didier 111-112.png
Sainct Didier 113-114.png
Sainct Didier 115-116.png
Sainct Didier 117-118.png
Sainct Didier 119-120.png
Sainct Didier 121-122.png
Sainct Didier 123-124.png
Sainct Didier 125-126.png
Sainct Didier 127-128.png

Additional Resources

  • Hyatt, Robert Preston and Wilson, Devon. "The Single Sword of Henry de Sainct Didier." Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts. Ed. Jeffrey Hull. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-58160-668-3
  • Sainct Didier, Henry de. The Single Sword of Henry de Sainct Didier (Traicté Contenant Les Secrets Du Premier Livre Sur L'Espée Seule). Trans. Robert Preston Hyatt and Devon Wilson. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2009. ISBN 978-1581607048
  • Slee, Chris. Secrets of the Sword Alone. LongEdge Press, 2014. ISBN 978-0646926353


  1. According to the title page.

Copyright and License Summary

For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

Work Author(s) Source License
Images Les Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes
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Transcription Olivier Dupuis FFAMHE