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  | work        = ''[[Der Altenn Fechter anfengliche kunst (Christian Egenolff)|Der Altenn Fechter]]''
  | work        = ''[[Der Allten Fechter gründtliche Kunst (Christian Egenolff)|Der Allten Fechter gründtliche Kunst]]''
  | authors    = [[Michael Chidester]]
  | authors    = [[Michael Chidester]]
  | source link =  
  | source link =  

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Kunstlicher stuck Kämpffens Ringens
und Werffens
Artful Devices of Fighting, Wrestling, and Throwing
Kunstlicher stuck Kämpffens Ringens und Werffens.jpg
Author(s) Unknown
Illustrated by
Date 1530s
Genre Wrestling manual
Language Early New High German
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Kunstlicher stuck Kämpffens Ringens und Werffens ("Artful Devices of Fighting, Wrestling, and Throwing") is a brief 16th century German wrestling manual of uncertain origins. The most extensive version is an anonymous chapter in Christian Egenolff's 1530s fencing anthology, Der Allten Fechter gründtliche Kunst. Two manuscript copies appeared around the same time, a series of sketches by Gregor Erhart in 1533 and a mostly complete painted manuscript by Jörg Breu the Younger some time before 1545. One of these two may be the archetype for this treatise, and until further evidence appears we will assume that it is the latter. The treatise was further duplicated in the succeeding decades in several other manuscripts, and in the 1540s it was revised for inclusion the manuscripts of Paulus Hector Mair.


Additional Resources

  • Bauer, Matthias Johannes. “Der Alten Fechter gründtliche Kunst” – Das Frankfurter oder Egenolffsche Fechtbuch. Untersuchung und Edition. Coll. Geschichtswissenschaften 37. München: Utz Verlag, 2016. ISBN: 978-3-8316-4559-6


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