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Johannes Lecküchner/Hende drücken

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You should pull to him
And learn to press the hands

Here the master teaches another element how one should grab one at one’s hand, and do him this way: as you go with your hilt over his Messer as before, pull with your hilt on his Messer backwards, so that the weak of your Messer comes to his right hand. And “simultaneously” fall with your left one in both Messers, and also with your right hand from above in both Messers, and press with both hands firmly. Then, turn your left side to his right and do what you want. |


[117r] Zu Im soltu rück[e]n
Vnd dy handt ler druck[e]n

Hye lertt der meyster abe[r] Eyn stuck wye man Eynen vah[e]n[1] solt bey seyne[r] handt vnd thu Im also So du mit deynem gehultz vbe[r]fersst seyn mess[er] wye vor So zeuch mit deyne[m] gehultz auff seyne[m] mess[er] zü ruck das dy swech deynes messers kum auff seyn rechte handt vnd fall yndes mit deyne[r] linck[e]n In payde mess[er] vnd auch mit deyne[r] recht[e]n ob[e]n In payde messer vnd druck mit ped[e]n hend[e]n vast zü vnd wendt deyn lincke seytt[e]n an deyn rechte vnd mach was du willt [etc] | | | | | | | |

  1. vahen = greifen, fassen, einfangen ( Lexer, S310 )