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Index:Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (Cgm 1507)

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Title Paulus Kal Fechtbuch
Author Paulus Kal, Johannes Liechtenauer
Editor Unknown
Year 1470
Publisher   Ludwig IX "the Rich"
Address Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany
Source jpg
Progress  To be validated
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 6r Preface by Paulus Kal
6v - 19r Roßfechten by Johannes Liechtenauer (fragment)
19v - 36v Kampffechten by Johannes Liechtenauer (fragment)
37v - 42v Armored poleaxe by Paulus Kal
43v - 48v Longshield by Paulus Kal
49v - 51v Duel between a man and a woman by Paulus Kal
52v - 57r Sword and buckler by Paulus Kal
58r - 70v Bloßfechten by Johannes Liechtenauer (fragment)
71v - 74v Messer by Paulus Kal
75v - 80r Dagger by Paulus Kal
81r - 95r Grappling by Paulus Kal