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<h3>Fencing Guild Records</h3>
<h3>Fencing Guild Records</h3>
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 1.jpg|Front Cover}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 1.jpg|Front Cover}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 2.jpg|Inside Cover}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 2.jpg|Inside Cover}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Ir.jpg|Folio Ir}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Ir.jpg|Folio Ir}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Iv.jpg|Folio Iv}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Iv.jpg|Folio Iv}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIr.jpg|Folio IIr}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIr.jpg|Folio IIr}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIv.jpg|Folio IIv}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIv.jpg|Folio IIv}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 1r.jpg|Folio 1r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 1r.jpg|Folio 1r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 1v.jpg|Folio 1v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 1v.jpg|Folio 1v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 2r.jpg|Folio 2r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 2r.jpg|Folio 2r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 2v.jpg|Folio 2v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 2v.jpg|Folio 2v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 3r.jpg|Folio 3r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 3r.jpg|Folio 3r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 3v.jpg|Folio 3v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 3v.jpg|Folio 3v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 4r.jpg|Folio 4r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 4r.jpg|Folio 4r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 4v.jpg|Folio 4v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 4v.jpg|Folio 4v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 5r.jpg|Folio 5r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 5r.jpg|Folio 5r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 5v.jpg|Folio 5v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 5v.jpg|Folio 5v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 6r.jpg|Folio 6r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 6r.jpg|Folio 6r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 6v.jpg|Folio 6v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 6v.jpg|Folio 6v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 7r.jpg|Folio 7r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 7r.jpg|Folio 7r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 7v.jpg|Folio 7v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 7v.jpg|Folio 7v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 8r.jpg|Folio 8r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 8r.jpg|Folio 8r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 8v.jpg|Folio 8v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 8v.jpg|Folio 8v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 9r.jpg|Folio 9r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 9r.jpg|Folio 9r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 9v.jpg|Folio 9v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 9v.jpg|Folio 9v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 10r.jpg|Folio 10r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 10r.jpg|Folio 10r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 10v.jpg|Folio 10v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 10v.jpg|Folio 10v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 11r.jpg|Folio 11r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 11r.jpg|Folio 11r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 11v.jpg|Folio 11v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 11v.jpg|Folio 11v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 12r.jpg|Folio 12r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 12r.jpg|Folio 12r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 12v.jpg|Folio 12v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 12v.jpg|Folio 12v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 13r.jpg|Folio 13r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 13r.jpg|Folio 13r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 13v.jpg|Folio 13v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 13v.jpg|Folio 13v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 14r.jpg|Folio 14r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 14r.jpg|Folio 14r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 14v.jpg|Folio 14v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 14v.jpg|Folio 14v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 15r.jpg|Folio 15r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 15r.jpg|Folio 15r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 15v.jpg|Folio 15v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 15v.jpg|Folio 15v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 16r.jpg|Folio 16r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 16r.jpg|Folio 16r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 16v.jpg|Folio 16v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 16v.jpg|Folio 16v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 17r.jpg|Folio 17r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 17r.jpg|Folio 17r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 17v.jpg|Folio 17v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 17v.jpg|Folio 17v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 18r.jpg|Folio 18r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 18r.jpg|Folio 18r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 18v.jpg|Folio 18v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 18v.jpg|Folio 18v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 19r.jpg|Folio 19r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 19r.jpg|Folio 19r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 19v.jpg|Folio 19v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 19v.jpg|Folio 19v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 20r.jpg|Folio 20r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 20r.jpg|Folio 20r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 20v.jpg|Folio 20v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 20v.jpg|Folio 20v}}
<h3 style="clear:both;">Hans Medel von Salzburg</h3>
<h3 style="clear:both;">Hans Medel von Salzburg</h3>
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 21r.jpg|Folio 21r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 21r.jpg|Folio 21r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 21v.jpg|Folio 21v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 21v.jpg|Folio 21v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 22r.jpg|Folio 22r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 22r.jpg|Folio 22r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 22v.jpg|Folio 22v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 22v.jpg|Folio 22v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 23r.jpg|Folio 23r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 23r.jpg|Folio 23r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 23v.jpg|Folio 23v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 23v.jpg|Folio 23v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 24r.jpg|Folio 24r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 24r.jpg|Folio 24r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 24v.jpg|Folio 24v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 24v.jpg|Folio 24v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 25r.jpg|Folio 25r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 25r.jpg|Folio 25r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 25v.jpg|Folio 25v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 25v.jpg|Folio 25v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 26r.jpg|Folio 26r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 26r.jpg|Folio 26r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 26v.jpg|Folio 26v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 26v.jpg|Folio 26v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 27r.jpg|Folio 27r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 27r.jpg|Folio 27r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 27v.jpg|Folio 27v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 27v.jpg|Folio 27v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 28r.jpg|Folio 28r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 28r.jpg|Folio 28r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 28v.jpg|Folio 28v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 28v.jpg|Folio 28v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 29r.jpg|Folio 29r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 29r.jpg|Folio 29r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 29v.jpg|Folio 29v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 29v.jpg|Folio 29v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 30r.jpg|Folio 30r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 30r.jpg|Folio 30r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 30v.jpg|Folio 30v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 30v.jpg|Folio 30v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 31r.jpg|Folio 31r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 31r.jpg|Folio 31r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 31v.jpg|Folio 31v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 31v.jpg|Folio 31v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 32r.jpg|Folio 32r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 32r.jpg|Folio 32r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 32v.jpg|Folio 32v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 32v.jpg|Folio 32v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 33r.jpg|Folio 33r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 33r.jpg|Folio 33r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 33v.jpg|Folio 33v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 33v.jpg|Folio 33v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 34r.jpg|Folio 34r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 34r.jpg|Folio 34r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 34v.jpg|Folio 34v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 34v.jpg|Folio 34v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 35r.jpg|Folio 35r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 35r.jpg|Folio 35r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 35v.jpg|Folio 35v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 35v.jpg|Folio 35v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 36r.jpg|Folio 36r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 36r.jpg|Folio 36r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 36v.jpg|Folio 36v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 36v.jpg|Folio 36v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 37r.jpg|Folio 37r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 37r.jpg|Folio 37r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 37v.jpg|Folio 37v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 37v.jpg|Folio 37v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 38r.jpg|Folio 38r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 38r.jpg|Folio 38r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 38v.jpg|Folio 38v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 38v.jpg|Folio 38v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 39r.jpg|Folio 39r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 39r.jpg|Folio 39r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 39v.jpg|Folio 39v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 39v.jpg|Folio 39v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 40r.jpg|Folio 40r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 40r.jpg|Folio 40r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 40v.jpg|Folio 40v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 40v.jpg|Folio 40v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 41r.jpg|Folio 41r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 41r.jpg|Folio 41r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 41v.jpg|Folio 41v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 41v.jpg|Folio 41v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 42r.jpg|Folio 42r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 42r.jpg|Folio 42r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 42v.jpg|Folio 42v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 42v.jpg|Folio 42v}}
<h3 style="clear:both;">Maarten van Heemskerck</h3>
<h3 style="clear:both;">Maarten van Heemskerck</h3>
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 43r.jpg|Folio 43r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 43r.jpg|Folio 43r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 43v.jpg|Folio 43v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 43v.jpg|Folio 43v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 44r.jpg|Folio 44r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 44r.jpg|Folio 44r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 44v.jpg|Folio 44v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 44v.jpg|Folio 44v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 45r.jpg|Folio 45r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 45r.jpg|Folio 45r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 45v.jpg|Folio 45v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 45v.jpg|Folio 45v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 46r.jpg|Folio 46r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 46r.jpg|Folio 46r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 46v.jpg|Folio 46v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 46v.jpg|Folio 46v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 47r.jpg|Folio 47r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 47r.jpg|Folio 47r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 47v.jpg|Folio 47v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 47v.jpg|Folio 47v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 48r.jpg|Folio 48r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 48r.jpg|Folio 48r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 48v.jpg|Folio 48v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 48v.jpg|Folio 48v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 49r.jpg|Folio 49r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 49r.jpg|Folio 49r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 49v.jpg|Folio 49v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 49v.jpg|Folio 49v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 50r.jpg|Folio 50r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 50r.jpg|Folio 50r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 50v.jpg|Folio 50v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 50v.jpg|Folio 50v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 51r.jpg|Folio 51r}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 51r.jpg|Folio 51r}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 51v.jpg|Folio 51v}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 51v.jpg|Folio 51v}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 3.jpg|Inside Cover}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 3.jpg|Inside Cover}}
{{image|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 4.jpg|Back Cover}}
{{image|page=1|Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 4.jpg|Back Cover}}
== Additional Resources ==
== Additional Resources ==

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Hans Medel Fechtbuch
Cod.I.6.2º.5, Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg
Augsburg, Germany

Cod.I.6.2º.5 22v.jpg
Cod.I.6.2º.5 23r.jpg
Also known as Sigmund Schining Fechtbuch
Date ca. 1539, 1552, etc.
Place of origin Augsburg, Germany
Language(s) Early New High German
Compiled by Paulus Hector Mair (ca. 1560)
Illustrated by
Material Paper, in a modern leather
Size 52 folia
Format Double-sided; text with
scattered illustrations
Script Bastarda
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans
Other translations Magyar fordítás

The Hans Medel Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.5) is a 16th century German manuscript compiled by Paulus Hector Mair some time after 1566.[1] It currently rests in the holdings of the Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany. The manuscript is a compilation of several older documents, including records from the Augsburg fencing guilds and a fencing manual that was probably created by a student or admirer of one Master Hans Medel of Salzburg. At the end are twelve prints of fencers and wrestlers by Dirck Coornhert, based on drawings by the Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck and apparently printed in 1552.[2]

Hans Medel's section, written in 1539,[3] consists of the master's modified presentation of the teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer, which takes the form of a sort of "updated version" of Sigmund Schining ein Ringeck's own treatise. The manuscript also includes a section on fighting from "seven stances", which appears to be Medel's own unique contribution to the art. The art in Medel's segment is very similar to the paintings Mair would later commission for his own manuscripts, and may have been the inspiration for them.

A final note of interest about this text is that it mentions Master Hans Seydenfaden von Erfurt twice, a name that also appears on Paulus Kal's roll of the Society of Liechtenauer[4] and a master from whom no treatise is known to survive. This may indicate that Hans Medel possessed some of his writings that have since been lost, or perhaps that Medel traced his lineage through Seydenfaden and received some of the master's teachings through an oral tradition.



1r - 5v
7r - 20r
21r - 36v Hans Medel's revision of Sigmund Schining ein Ringeck's gloss of Johannes Liechtenauer's Bloßfechten
37r - 42v Longsword by Hans Medel
43v - 49r Fechter & Ringer by Maarten van Heemskerck


Fencing Guild Records

Front Cover
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 1.jpg
Inside Cover
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 2.jpg
Folio Ir
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Ir.jpg
Folio Iv
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Iv.jpg
Folio IIr
Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIr.jpg
Folio IIv
Cod.I.6.2º.5 IIv.jpg
Folio 1r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 1r.jpg
Folio 1v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 1v.jpg
Folio 2r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 2r.jpg
Folio 2v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 2v.jpg
Folio 3r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 3r.jpg
Folio 3v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 3v.jpg
Folio 4r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 4r.jpg
Folio 4v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 4v.jpg
Folio 5r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 5r.jpg
Folio 5v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 5v.jpg
Folio 6r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 6r.jpg
Folio 6v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 6v.jpg
Folio 7r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 7r.jpg
Folio 7v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 7v.jpg
Folio 8r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 8r.jpg
Folio 8v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 8v.jpg
Folio 9r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 9r.jpg
Folio 9v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 9v.jpg
Folio 10r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 10r.jpg
Folio 10v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 10v.jpg
Folio 11r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 11r.jpg
Folio 11v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 11v.jpg
Folio 12r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 12r.jpg
Folio 12v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 12v.jpg
Folio 13r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 13r.jpg
Folio 13v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 13v.jpg
Folio 14r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 14r.jpg
Folio 14v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 14v.jpg
Folio 15r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 15r.jpg
Folio 15v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 15v.jpg
Folio 16r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 16r.jpg
Folio 16v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 16v.jpg
Folio 17r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 17r.jpg
Folio 17v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 17v.jpg
Folio 18r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 18r.jpg
Folio 18v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 18v.jpg
Folio 19r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 19r.jpg
Folio 19v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 19v.jpg
Folio 20r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 20r.jpg
Folio 20v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 20v.jpg

Hans Medel von Salzburg

Folio 21r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 21r.jpg
Folio 21v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 21v.jpg
Folio 22r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 22r.jpg
Folio 22v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 22v.jpg
Folio 23r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 23r.jpg
Folio 23v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 23v.jpg
Folio 24r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 24r.jpg
Folio 24v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 24v.jpg
Folio 25r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 25r.jpg
Folio 25v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 25v.jpg
Folio 26r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 26r.jpg
Folio 26v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 26v.jpg
Folio 27r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 27r.jpg
Folio 27v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 27v.jpg
Folio 28r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 28r.jpg
Folio 28v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 28v.jpg
Folio 29r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 29r.jpg
Folio 29v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 29v.jpg
Folio 30r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 30r.jpg
Folio 30v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 30v.jpg
Folio 31r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 31r.jpg
Folio 31v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 31v.jpg
Folio 32r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 32r.jpg
Folio 32v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 32v.jpg
Folio 33r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 33r.jpg
Folio 33v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 33v.jpg
Folio 34r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 34r.jpg
Folio 34v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 34v.jpg
Folio 35r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 35r.jpg
Folio 35v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 35v.jpg
Folio 36r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 36r.jpg
Folio 36v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 36v.jpg
Folio 37r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 37r.jpg
Folio 37v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 37v.jpg
Folio 38r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 38r.jpg
Folio 38v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 38v.jpg
Folio 39r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 39r.jpg
Folio 39v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 39v.jpg
Folio 40r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 40r.jpg
Folio 40v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 40v.jpg
Folio 41r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 41r.jpg
Folio 41v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 41v.jpg
Folio 42r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 42r.jpg
Folio 42v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 42v.jpg

Maarten van Heemskerck

Folio 43r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 43r.jpg
Folio 43v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 43v.jpg
Folio 44r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 44r.jpg
Folio 44v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 44v.jpg
Folio 45r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 45r.jpg
Folio 45v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 45v.jpg
Folio 46r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 46r.jpg
Folio 46v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 46v.jpg
Folio 47r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 47r.jpg
Folio 47v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 47v.jpg
Folio 48r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 48r.jpg
Folio 48v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 48v.jpg
Folio 49r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 49r.jpg
Folio 49v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 49v.jpg
Folio 50r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 50r.jpg
Folio 50v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 50v.jpg
Folio 51r
Cod.I.6.2º.5 51r.jpg
Folio 51v
Cod.I.6.2º.5 51v.jpg
Inside Cover
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 3.jpg
Back Cover
Cod.I.6.2º.5 Cover 4.jpg

Additional Resources


  1. The final year of the record ending on folio 20r.
  2. Internally dated on folio 43r.
  3. Internally dated on folio 21r.
  4. Kal, Paulus. Untitled [manuscript]. Cgm 1507. Munich, Germany: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 1470.

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