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Hande Trucken

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Hande Trucken (Hendtrucken, Hande drucken, pressing the hands) is one of the 17 Hauptstucke in the recital of Johannes Liechtenauer, and means to slice against an opponents wrists, typically done after disengaging from a bind. The technique is featured throughout the German fencing tradition.

Primary Sources

Video Interpretations

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  1. Talhoffer adds four additional verses: "und gang nach an den man / stoss mit dem ghiltz schon / wiltu denn nit schallen / so hastu zway eynfallen".
  2. Text adds an additional couplet: "Das schwertt bind / zu der fleche truck in die hend".
  3. Text adds an additional couplet: "Das schwert binden / zu der flech trukh in die hand"