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! id="page" | 1r - 6v
! id="page" | 1r - 6v
| {{treatise begin
| {{treatise begin
   | title = Anonymous devices of long sword
   | title = Anonymous devices of the sword
   | width = 60em
   | width = 60em
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! 7r - 12v
! 7r - 12v
| {{treatise begin
| {{treatise begin
   | title = Anonymous devices of Dussack
   | title = Anonymous devices of the Dussack
   | width = 60em
   | width = 60em

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Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi, Herzog August Bibliothek
Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi Iv.png
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 01r.png
Folio 1r
Type Fencing manual
Date 16th Century
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Unknown
Material Paper, in a modern binding
Size 16 folia (105 mm × 155 mm)
Format Double-sided
External data Library catalog entry

The Codex Guelf 1074 Novi is an anonymous 16th century German fencing manual.[citation needed] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. This manuscript contains one of the few Germanic treatises from this period that show no connection to the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. On the other hand, Robert Foster has noted a number of similarities to contemporary English treatises such as the Additional MS 39564,[1] though assuming any direct connection between them would be premature.



1r - 6v
7r - 12v


Front cover
Inside cover
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi Cover 2.png
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi Ir.png
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi Iv.png
Folio 01r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 01r.png
Folio 01v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 01v.png
Folio 02r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 02r.png
Folio 02v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 02v.png
Folio 03r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 03r.png
Folio 03v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 03v.png
Folio 04r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 04r.png
Folio 04v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 04v.png
Folio 05r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 05r.png
Folio 05v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 05v.png
Folio 06r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 06r.png
Folio 06v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 06v.png
Folio 07r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 07r.png
Folio 07v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 07v.png
Folio 08r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 08r.png
Folio 08v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 08v.png
Folio 09r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 09r.png
Folio 09v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 09v.png
Folio 10r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 10r.png
Folio 10v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 10v.png
Folio 11r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 11r.png
Folio 11v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 11v.png
Folio 12r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 12r.png
Folio 12v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 12v.png
Folio 13r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 13r.png
Folio 13v
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 13v.png
Folio 14r
Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi 14r.png
Inside cover
Back cover

Additional Resources


  1. Robert Foster. "Transcriptions: 1074 Novi". Hammaborg Historischer Schwertkampf. May 2012. Retrieved 15 June 2012.

Copyright and License Summary

For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

Work Author(s) Source License
Images Herzog August Bibliothek
Translation Robert Foster Hammaborg Historischer Schwertkampf
Transcription Alex Kiermayer Index:Fechtbuchleinn (Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi)