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Balthasaro Cramonio Pomerano

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Balthasaro Cramonio Pomerano
Influences Johannes Herbart von Würzburg
Influenced Heinrich von Gunterrodt
Genres Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
Notable work(s) Austeilunge oder Ordnunge des Zirckelfechtens

Balthasaro Cramonio Pomerano was a 16th century Polish fencing master. What little is known about his life is recorded in the 1579 treatise of his associate (or possibly student) Heinrich von Gunterrodt. From this source, we know that he was a student of Johannes Herbart von Würzburg and was also a medical student at the time. Gunterrodt also states that he had been maimed in a fight with "criminals" and lost the use of his left arm (and then learned to fence with his right, implying that he had been left-handed).[1]

He is likely the author of a broadside titled Austeilunge oder Ordnunge des Zirckelfechtens ("Exposition or Ordering of the Circle-fencing"); the only known copy is currently glued into a copy of the 1570 treatise of Joachim Meyer.[2] It is written in German with scattered Latin words and phrases and signed B. C. P. Curiously, it also describes a diagram (not present in the book) which matches one glued onto folio 4v of Gunterrodt's 1579 manuscript (MS Dresd.C.15), and the short Latin and German poems at the bottom are likewise included in Gunterrodt's work.


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