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Anonymous 15th Century Poem

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Anonymous 15th century poem
Author(s) Unknown
Ascribed to Martin Syber
Hans Talhoffer
Date mid 1400s (?)
Genre Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
Archetype(s) Hypothetical
Manuscript(s) MS Thott.290.2º (1459)
MS M.I.29 (1491)
First Printed
English Edition
Hull, 2008
Concordance by Michael Chidester
German Translation.png

This anonymous poem, titled only Fechtlere ("Fencing Lore"), appears in fragmentary form in both Hans Talhoffer's personal fencing manual of 1459[1] and Hans von Speyer's 1491 anthology.[2] It shares concepts and terminology with the writings of Martin Syber and follows his New Zettel ("New Epitome") in Speyer's work,[3] but is absent from other presentations of his treatise. Its presence in Talhoffer's writings over thirty years earlier would also suggest that Syber is not the original author (or potentially that his career was much earlier than currently thought).


Additional Resources

  • Hull, Jeffrey. "The Longsword Fight Lore of Mertin Siber." Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts. Ed. Jeffrey Hull. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-58160-668-3