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Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen (Johann Georg Pascha)

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Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen...
Clearly Described and Differentiated Flag-Lessons,
Divided into Eight Plays / In Addition the Play of the
Pike, the Partisan, and the Half-Pike or Jägerstock
Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen.jpg
Also Known as Leçons au drappeau divisées
en huit jeux en suite de jeu de
la pique, de la pertuisane et
demy-pique ou de baston à
deux bouts
Author(s) Johann Georg Pascha
Illustrated by Unknown
Translator(s) Unknown
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Melchior Oelschlegel
Publication Date 1673
Pages 247
Images Digital scans (1673)

Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen : In Acht Spiel eingetheilet/ Nebst dem Piquen-Spiel/ Pertuisan und halben Piquen/ oder Jägerstock ("Clearly Described and Differentiated Flag-Lessons, Divided into Eight Plays / In Addition the Play of the Pike, the Partisan, and the Half-Pike or Jägerstock") is a German fencing manual by Johann Georg Pascha, first printed in 1673. This book is a parallel text which includes a complete French translation alongside the German.

Publication History

Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen... was first printed in Saxony in 1673 by Melchior Oelschlegel.


1 - 89 Flag-Waving by Johann Georg Pascha
91 - 172 Pike by Johann Georg Pascha
172 - 213 Partisan by Johann Georg Pascha
214 - 243 Half-Pike by Johann Georg Pascha


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